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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me As Your Photographer

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Yay! I'm so glad you have made it this far! Chances are you've been searching high and low for the right photographer so hopefully by the time you finish reading this it will help make up your mind if we might be a good fit for one another. Now-a-days, there are soooooo many photographers to choose from which might be a bit overwhelming so here's why I think you should choose me! First, I'm assuming you've taken a look at my work and liked what you saw. My artistic style is bold & colorful with the majority of my sessions outdoors chasing sunsets. Although I do have an in-home studio along with a lifestyle room to accommodate indoor sessions. Next is to connect with me by reaching out to chat or you can simply check out my social media profiles to view my content.  Every photographer has different personalities and there is no better way to discover those traits other than through Facebook and Instagram. There's nothing more deflating than showing up at your session and feeling awkward in front of the camera all because you envisioned an amazing shoot but the photographer's personality is NOTHING like you thought. So do yourself a solid and use those social links located on my website to truly get to know me.  I have also listed 5 reasons why I think you should hire me below: 1. Passion- When you do something you love is it really considered a job? Seriously though! All my life, anything I've ever done I do it with 110%. It's like I was born with a fire in my soul and that shows through my business and anything I touch. I love getting to express myself through this form of art and being a creative will always be a part of who I am as an individual . I will laugh with you, cry with you, celebrate with you, because this isn't just about taking pictures. It's creating an heirloom memory that can be cherished for years to come and gifting families their memories. That my friend is why I LOVE what I do! 2. Skill- As with anything in life the only way to get really good at something is to PRACTICE and I have lots of experience under my belt! From the moment I bought my first camera I started taking classes, reading content, & investing in mentorships. I shoot in full manual mode (not auto) and know how to handle my camera in different lighting scenarios. I shoot with top of the line gear and am also highly advanced in post processing. I am continuously learning/experimenting new things because that's just my overall mindset: To be better than I was the day before so I can ultimately offer the best client experience! 3. Preparation- From the moment of contact all the way to your gallery delivery there is a lot of planning and preparation I put into every session.  I send every client a questionnaire which fills me in on your vision. You will receive several different emails along the way which will help prepare you to have the best session possible. Then there's the behind the scenes tasks which may include location scouting, prop shopping, and creating Pinterest boards to share ideas back and forth.  If you know any artist then you understand our brains never shut off.  We're constantly living and breathing our ideas because those creative juices is what fuels us so as a photographer preparation is key. Hop on over to my contact page and fill it out so we can bring your vision to life!  4. Non-Judgmental- I have zero tolerance towards discrimination against anyone. All ethnicities, religions, cultures, and whatever you're gender preference or sexual orientation may be will be accepted and loved with open arms.  Period!  5. People person- I have never met a stranger in my life. I have always been outgoing and goofy which makes it so easy to photograph people. That applies towards newborns all the way to the elderly.  I'm a very likeable person and 9 times out of 10 we will become friends by the end of the shoot. I have earned the nickname "Baby whisperer" from multiple clients because I can calm the fussiest babies. I have tons of experience from having my own babies, working in daycares, and caring for the elderly. My personality goes hand in hand with my business and that is another one of the many reasons why I LOVE what I do!  Whether you are a 1st time mom, 6th time mom, newly engaged couple,or grandparent, I want to hear from you! All you have to do is fill out my contact form telling me about your vision and I will reach back out! Let's get to planning your story together! I can't wait! Xoxo, Coty Dodd 


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